Reviewing palmOne GPS Solution Zire 72 Edition (part 4)

by Volker Weber

[continued from part 3]

Today I finally installed the CD that came with the package. Big surprise: It wanted me to connect a PocketPC instead of the Zire. At first I thought I had the wrong version of the CD. But then I realized I had ActiveSync on this machine. I removed that, installed again, and started MapStore.

Big surprise again: The software looks identical to the version I was running on the Zire. It appears that ViaMichelin has a development environment that generates applications for several platforms. I was unable to export any maps though and there were some blank spaces on the icon bar, so I downloaded Palm Desktop, installed MapStore again, and this time I was asked to connect a Palm device.

Since Ute is en route today with the Zire 72 to do some further field tests and my T3 is being serviced, I connected the Treo which only has a 160x160 screen. And this leads us to surprise #3.

It turns out that the fonts and icons are perfectly sized for a standard Palm display. However, you would not really want to use a navigation system on a screen which has only 160x160 pixels:

vmsmall01.png vmsmall02.png vmsmall03.png vmsmall04.png vmsmall05.png vmsmall06.png vmsmall07.png vmsmall08.png vmsmall09.png vmsmall10.png vmsmall11.png vmsmall12.png vmsmall13.png vmsmall14.png vmsmall15.png vmsmall16.png vmsmall17.png vmsmall18.png vmsmall19.png vmsmall20.png

Final conclusion: I want a Treo 650. ;-)


It's coming on October 25th (at least in Switzerland and for Orange). Now that my T3 has been stolen and my T610 fell out of my pockets on a roller coaster and literally crashed, I'm most probably moving to the Treo 650.

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2004-10-15

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