by Volker Weber

Mitch Altman is an asshole. And not just any asshole, but one of those snotty holier-than-thou types who has nothing better to do with the money he made as a founder of 3ware than to develop a device with the sole purpose of imposing his viewpoint on others. Essentially a universal remote that cycles through every possible code, the TV-B-Gone has a single purpose: to power off televisions whenever the user feels like being a dick.

OK. I am sold. I want one.

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Oooh..... I'm imagining loads of fun in various retail settings.

Thom Rosario, 2004-10-19

The person complaining about the imposition of personal viewpoints must never have been stuck in a public place with an uncontrollable television. I agree that this device is one of the first truly useful keychain gadgets invented in a long time - I would choose it over a can of Mace.

RJ Geddes, 2004-10-20

Chill out. All that is going to happen is that bars, restuarants, stores, etc will put tape over their IR receiver on the TVs and the fun will end for you $20 investment unless you want to sit in your house and watch the TV go off and on. Since most retail and restuarants rarely change the channel and leave it on the same channel for hours, they will just move back to a manual way of doing it with the IR covered.

All this guy has done is cause television changing technology to go backwards. WOP DE DO.

That'so neat you can get one @

Hank, 2004-10-27

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