I don't like SONY

by Volker Weber


Neither does the person who sent me this photo. Look at all thoses wires. Nice looks but terrible engineering. SONY hightech. Sheesh.


You are getting more and more destructive... what is next on your list?


Claude, 2004-10-20

We spell this name a little bit different: "So nie" which translates as "never like that". This comes from the HiFi gear, where every Sony had to go to the service, for sure.

I never liked them but i made a new experience: i bought a Sony VAIO VGN-A197VP notebook with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 and a surface like glass. Never seen a screen like that. I have a Sony P82 18" as my main screen in the office and it looks like a cheap no name besides the notebook. I hope it will work without service...

Huptus, 2004-10-20

I wonder how the Palm Handhelds look like inside? Is it realy cleaner and better engineering? I guess you should post a picture of a crashed device that looks better inside ;-)

Alexander Kluge, 2004-10-20

Complex technology => complex innards.

So what.

(I don't like Sony either, but due to other circumstances)


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-10-21

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