Drill down charts for Notes and Domino

by Volker Weber

Richard Hogan of 6wSytems tells me they have a new SVG-based (Scalable Vector Graphics) application that generates drill down charts from live Domino views. It is a pure Notes application built around a LotusScript library and it works either as a standalone Notes database, that allows you to chart data in other Notes databases, or it can be integrated into one's own Notes applications.

Licensing is per server (not per application or per user) and starts at $995 for a single server to $3995 unlimited. Demo and evaluation version available at their site.

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Nice!! We have build something similar - also based on DOMINO-Data and integrated as Lotus-Script-Agents.

So, whoever wants to have a look:
or (for an interactive sample)

Ruediger Seiffert, 2004-10-21

Oh sorry, I have forgotten to "embed" the above links into proper HTML-Tags. For convenience:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Ruediger Seiffert, 2004-10-21

Ruediger, you'll be pleased to know that the major impetus for this SVG solution was the articles Jake and I posted over at CodeStore.Net, which included your sample agent.

Stan Rogers, 2004-10-21

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