Warmongers and military service

by Volker Weber

I find this list really interesting:

Prominent Democrats

Prominent Republicans

Pro-War Pundits

Source: Cryptome


Here is another source:

Uwe Brahm, 2004-10-22

Regarding US-elections, this is funny, too :-)

Greets Mike

Mike Hartmann, 2004-10-22

President Carter served in the Submarine Service in the U.S. Navy, but he was no submarine captain. His highest rank achieved was that of Lieutenant. (Please see the link http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq60-14.htm)
It typically takes 12-15 years before one is given command of a nuclear submarine (usually a Commander 0-5 or Captain 0-6) and 17-20 years to make Captain. (Note: given command and qualifying for command are two different distinctions.) No one has either commanded a nuclear submarine or achieved the rank of captain in seven years of service as an unrestricted line officer serving in the Submarine Service. One must be an unrestricted line officer to command or make Captain in the Submarine Service. President Carter was an unrestricted line officer, but no captain.

John Stansak, 2006-04-26

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