Windows desktop widgets

by Volker Weber

Everytime I post a screenshot of our weather outlook, somebody asks whether this software is also available for Windows. We are talking about Konfabulator, a scripting engine that lets you run small desktop widgets. It looks like they are building a version for Windows now. Information is a bit spotty, since it was supposed to be almost done in August and now really almost done in October. No public appearance so far, but one screenshot.


If you don't want to wait for Konfabulator, you can also go with an alternative called Kapsules. Runtime requirements are pretty steep:

Kapsules requires Windows 2000, XP or 2003, Microsoft Scripting 5.6, and the .NET Framework Version 1.1 in order to run.

The humongous .NET runtime for a weather widget might be asking too much. No info on the Windows version of Konfabulator. It might be equally demanding.


For the leeenux guys: superkaramba with lwp (liquid_weather_plus) will/can look like the macos app too. (don't try it on an old _slow_ 500mhz machine)

Stefan Funke, 2004-10-24

I suggest DesktopX from Stardock ( for this sort of things.
Or, if you want to customize the entire Windows, you can get the whole ObjectDesktop suite. With that you can change the look and feel of the entire system as you like, on sites as there are thousands of objects and themes.
I run some apps of the ObjectDesktop suite for years now, and they are doing their job pretty well.

Julian Buss, 2004-10-24

On linux (gnome), you also have gdesklets.

Don't you think that with the tiger dashboard that apple annonced a few months ago, the creator of konfabulator needed to open his product to be able to continue making some money on it. And the windows version will get him a much broader audience.


Gaston, 2004-10-24

If you run Firefox or Mozilla - WeatherFox is quite similar, though the graphics aren't as nice.

skip, 2004-10-25

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