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by Volker Weber

When Wolfgang stepped up his blog at without an RSS feed and could not find the setting to enable this feature, I started to investigate the matter a bit.

It looks like chose to make RSS feeds a to-be-paid-for feature only available in Blogger Pro. The funny thing however is that they do publish an Atom feed, without putting a link in the template however. Simply add atom.xml to the end of the url and it takes you there.

Lots of feed readers cannot work with atom feeds but there is to the rescue. They will need the url to your original feed and then let you do interesting things with it.


well, I use since two months, and the RSS Feed is free on the basic account. But: My blog is hosted externaly. Wonder why is offering this feature not for the blogspots blogs...

Alexander Kluge, 2004-10-24

Volker, any decent reader, such as FeedDemon (for Windows), will auto-discover the feed (from the html code line I gave as a comment to your earlier post). Since I use FeedDemon, it doesn´t matter for me whether it´s RSS or Atom, in the end it´s the same.

Adalbert, 2004-10-24

Sage (Mozilla-extension) also has a "Discover Feeds" button. It automatically lists a site's RSS- and ATOM-feeds.

Joerg Richter, 2004-10-24

Adalbert and Jörg, this feature only displays information that is already in the source code. And "any" should read "at least one".

Volker Weber, 2004-10-24

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