iTunes Music Stores coming to Canada as well?

by Volker Weber

Users from a number of European countries can no longer access the iTMS. It looks like Apple is preparing for the much anticipated launch tomorrow. Now David tells me that he also cannot connect to the store from Canada.


No problem from the UK, at BST 20:30 - straight in there. Should I be looking for clues in there?

Nick Daisley, 2004-10-25

Nick, the UK already has a store. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2004-10-25

Um, okay, I musinderstood your comment. 8-) I thought you meant that iTMS had gone offline!

Nick Daisley, 2004-10-25

Well, I'm in Canada (Montreal) and I can connect, and I still get this damn message saying it's still not available in my country :-(

Pascal Robert, 2004-10-25

Ohhh, from here in Austria, I wish I would not be able to access the iTMS store(s) - but it works! Let´s wait till tomorrow.

Adalbert, 2004-10-25

Oops, no, it doesn´t work. It produces the country selection page, upon selection of a shop that the dialog the purchases won´t be possible, and then again the country selection page. Great!

Adalbert, 2004-10-25

They haven't finished working out the deal with the Candian recording industry yet (Canadian content regs would apply, as they do to broadcasting); it'll be coming soon.

Stan Rogers, 2004-10-26

Here's an answer I got a few weeks ago from David Basskin from the CMRRA

Dear Eric:

Thank you for posting a question to the CMRRA web site

We are presently working with Apple to enable the launch of the iTunes
Music Store in Canada, but all decisions related to the actual timing and
manner of the launch are entirely in their hands. I have no information on
those subjects that I can share with you.

I encourage you to let Apple know of your interest in shopping at ITMS.


So I emailed Steve, and got this answer back :

Coming soon.


Eric Garneau, 2004-10-26

For Canadians, the iTMS is accessible, again, this time no complaints about the country, but ...
US store, US credit card address required.

Stan, does this mean that one out of every five songs we buy must be by Céline Dion, Corey Hart or Rita McNeil ;).

David Richardson, 2004-10-26

I have checked and we have an Italian iTMS. Hurray!!
and I can also see the Austrian, Greek, Belgian, Finnish, luxenbourg, The netherlands, Spain Portugal on top of the existing four.

Will go try buing a few songs right now..

Thanks for pointing out Volker

Pieterjan, 2004-10-26

From the last sentence of the first paragraph of this press release:

"Apple today also announced it will launch the iTunes Music Store in Canada in November."

Joe Canadian, 2004-10-26

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