Third eye required

by Volker Weber



Not only that -- it'll take a long time to dial out if all you can do is answer "Yes" or "No" to a random list of numbers in the display.

Stan Rogers, 2004-10-28

If I am not completly mistaken, isn't the display not readable at all because is on the wrong side? I mean, when stuck in your ear... Is this just a joke or is it flexible and just the marketing guys took the wrong photo for publishing?

Sascha, 2004-10-29

If this sits on your head, you can't read it. Unless you have a third eye. But seriously: You can leave your phone in your briefcase and still see on the headset who is calling. Unless you run around with it all day. And it has to be on the inside when you take the headset off your ear to look at the display.

I just thought it looked funny.

Volker Weber, 2004-10-29

Maybe when you wear it, it sends the caller ID to your ear in morse code with little electrical zaps :)

My only question is, why the hell can't they put that display and those buttons on a watch? Too easy?

I wrote something up on this on my blog that is getting a lot of mileage:

Brian Benz, 2004-10-29

I quite like the ID of a bluetooth lcd watch that shows you the number that is calling you - you wouldn't even need to have a YES/NO button on the headset anymore, just press your watch dial once to accept, twice to refuse...

Oops - just went to Brian Benz website - he's already discussed it there...

Alex B, 2004-10-29

To bad that their one and only potential customer died.

Tobias Mueller, 2004-10-29

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