Giving NetNewsWire Lite 2 another try

by Volker Weber


A few days ago I wrote that I did not particulary like the newer version of NetNewsWire (Lite) and almost nobody seemed to agree with my sentiments. Brent Simmons exchanged a few mails with me and he convinced me that NNWL2 is not that much different from NNWL1. He also told me that there is a Classic theme that renders the description of each feed item exactly like NNWL1.

Since I was seeing a beachball once in a while when Safari was busy, I suspected that there is some code in webkit shared between Safari and NNW and that this code was "busy". Well, Brent can not really tell without the code to webkit. Since both NNWL1 and 2 use webkit for the description, they should both suffer from the same problems. So, I am back now on NNWL2 to see whether I can find the cause. So far, all is nice and dandy.


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