In memoriam Peter Raue

by Volker Weber

praue.jpgI was shocked to receive this news today:

MIS AG is mourning the loss of its beloved founder and CEO, Peter Raue, who passed away Friday in a fatal automobile accident. Peter would have turned 45 on Tuesday.

I have known Peter for 25 years. I first met him when we were students at the same university. Although his company was all but a few blocks from here I had not talked to him much lately. His brother Kristian is much closer and we saw each other just a few days ago at Linuxworld.

Peter was one of those people I had nothing but admiration for. He was successful, down to earth and honest to the bone at the same time. My thoughts are with his family.


Oh :~(

I never was friend with him but I know him as mis-founder - I am using "Spready" since 1994 and have always had a special personal relationship to this company (even though I don't do direct business with them any more).

His work, his presence over all these years is one reason why this is shocking me too and remembering how the people at mis really have a sense of "family-feeling" (beloved is not just a pr gag) I can imagine how they must feel today. :o((

Nicole Simon, 2004-11-01

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