Re-grouping our ressources

by Volker Weber

While the captcha controller was very good at controlling spam, it did not scale. The people who host my site had to pull the plug and I am changing the design of the application.

Here is the problem: The form that adds new comments is on the same page as the individual entry. Every time somebody looked at the page, the server had to generate a fresh image. For 18,000 page impressions the server had to generate 18,000 images yesterday. I had assigned a cache of 50 images because that would cover all comments for one day and did not take into consideration that the server would need to generate them not only for comments but also for views.

The site will move to a faster server in the next two days. The new IP is already assigned and will run in parallel while the site is being moved. There will be not outage while we re-tool.

Update: Dirk Olbertz had an excellent idea in the comments to this post.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with this. I installed the same plugin the other day and now also have to think about the consequences. Even if I don't have that much impressions per day...

What do you think of the following: force every user to go to the "Preview" of his/her comment and displaying the captcha only there?

I think I will do it that way, I only need to change the template for my comment preview page first. But while guiding your readers through the preview page, you maybe also will see an improved quality of the comments - at least a second post "Sorry, I misspelled the URL" probably will not occur.

Dirk Olbertz, 2004-11-02

Very good suggestion, Dirk!

Volker Weber, 2004-11-02

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