Konfabulator for Windows

by Volker Weber


Windows users, do no longer feel left behind. Konfabulator for Windows has been released today. Oh, yes, we are edging towards winter.


Great, thanks for the info. It works like a charm :-)

Volker Kächele, 2004-11-08

Schnee? In Darmstadt? Ich glaub es wird Zeit mal den Schneeschieber rauszuholen und das Salz zu suchen... (gar nicht lustig).

Stefan Funke, 2004-11-08

Thx! works perfect. this tool makes my day ;-)

Alexander Kluge, 2004-11-08

Just for the records: there is DesktopX for Windows, too. http://www.stardock.com/products/desktopx/

Sascha Carlin, 2004-11-08

Can someone give me a quick hint on where to configure my proxy server? Could not find any FAQ or help and the website is sloooow right now...

Dirk Oppelt, 2004-11-08

It seems to use the IEX proxy settings here.

Stefan Funke, 2004-11-08

Great tool, even if the weather forecast is not so good for the next days.

Markus Haack, 2004-11-08

@Stefan: However, the IE proxy settings work only partially. I can read the "German IT News combined" but the weather widget does not start:

"[The Weather] TypeError: xmlFetchedTemp has no properties (\DOCUME~1\ARMINA~1.AMC\LOCALS~1\Temp\Konfabulator\The Weather.widget\The Weather.widget\Contents\weather.js: Line 435)

It´s already been discussed in the Konfabulator forum, but no solution yet :-(

... and yes, the site is damn slow - maybe they had better upgraded the server before releasing the Windows version.

Armin Auth, 2004-11-08

The weather forecast tool is good - err, the weather itself is not so good, but it´s winter anyway. I don´t like the calender though. The Rainlendar application (http://www.iki.fi/rainy) shows Outlook appointments by getting them from Outlook (at certain intervals) and marks them on the calender. This is much better.

Adalbert Duda, 2004-11-08

Much better than Kapsules, no question. Especially the "F8 button" is something I really missed, while testing Kapsules. Only the Konfabulator World Clock didn't work as expected: It shows still CEST.

Markus Thielmann, 2004-11-08

Konfabulator site has been 'vowed'...

Christian Tennigkeit, 2004-11-08

This tool rocks!

Dirk Bartkowiak, 2004-11-09

A little piece of Mac for all us Windows users. I like it!

Matthew Barber , 2004-11-09

Konfabulator works well for me in Windows. It's fun to have little translucent mini-apps floating above the work I'm doing.

So far I've found the analog clock, weather and mini calendar indispensible. Got any favorites?

Michael LeRoux, 2004-11-09

Favorites? One Big Weather, three Mini Weather.

And Picture Frame set to the root of my local picture drive. Astonishing which pictures are floating around here ;-)

Volker Kächele, 2004-11-10

I fixed the problem:

[The Weather] TypeError: xmlFetchedTemp has no properties (\DOCUME~1\xxxxxx\LOCALS~1\Temp\Konfabulator\The Weather.widget\The Weather.widget\Contents\weather.js: Line 435)
Errors prevented this Widget from making itself visible (mainWindow: 00DD15A8, visible: No)

(1) Look at the coding of weather.js
(2) Insert
function fetchURL(theURL) {
return runCommand("curl -s -S '" + theURL + "'");
(3) Replace all finds of url.fetch with fetch.Url
(4) If you need the fixed widget send me an email.

Matthias König, 2004-12-02

Just found this Windoze Media Centre app which rips off the Konfabulator weather widget graphics. Tsk!:


Ben Poole, 2005-01-06

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