Skype gets some traction

by Volker Weber


Last week there was the Siemens USB adapter that connects your cordless handset to a PC and Skype, today we have the DualPhone that either connects to the POT line or via your PC to the Skype network. It is basically the same thing as it ties the base station directly via USB to the PC.

The display shows whether your friends who also use Skype, are online. If they are, you simply have to press the appropriate green button and talk to them for free – no matter where they are in the world.

And there is more. Last week Qzoxy announced the Presence Server which allows you to build presence into your internet applications. Much like IBM has demonstrated with Sametime before. It is based on the recently published Skype API, currently Windows only.

My guess is, you ain't seen nothing yet. Skype is going to mix up the VoIP world.


Pretty cool to see that the VoIP market is finally starting to mature. I remember a seminar paper a friend of mine wrote about VoIP back in 1999...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-11-15

Thanks for the note Volker, you almost got the name right (Qzoxy) :) - it is rather odd I know, but hard to mistake it with anything else!

If you want to Skype enable, let me know - and we will get you up and running !!


Andrew Hansen
VP - Sales and Biz Dev.
Qzoxy Software Inc.

Andrew Hansen, 2004-11-15

I'm looking at using the Skype API for Notes client/Sametime integration. Should be cool if it works.

Also, it's worth noting that the Siemens tools won't work in the USA - yet. I wrote about it here.

Brian Benz, 2004-11-16

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