Move over, subserviant chicken

by Volker Weber

Here comes Tammy, the virtual bar tender.


Try "fight" :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2004-11-17

"knee" is kind of hard stuff...

Michael Gollmick, 2004-11-17

See her sit:

She's Canadian!

Bruce Elgort, 2004-11-17

There's list of all the commands Tammy accepts here:

Virtual Bartender commands

Kieren Johnson, 2004-11-17

I like "strip" ha ha

Carl, 2004-11-17

Could someone please scratch me from the floor? Hilarious!

Sascha Carlin, 2004-11-18

I like "switch". That is great!

Ben Langhinrichs, 2004-11-18

I was surprised when my first attempt got her to lie on the bar. I figured that wouldn't be in there.

Michael LeRoux, 2004-11-18

try kiss. woohoo!

Rocky Oliver, 2004-11-18

And she even can 'think'.

Tobias Mueller, 2004-11-18

Tell her to take a shower!

Adi Himpson, 2005-12-29

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