Dealing with unreadable content

by Volker Weber

Mail from Outlook/Outlook Express when viewed in Apple’s Mail application that is included with Mac OS X renders very small. It doesn’t matter what you tell the application to do in the preferences, it gets ignored due to the formatting style of the messages themselves. Essentially the message text is rendered really tiny. Impossible to read without squinting and generally not very nice.

The proposed solution: Create a CSS file and tell to use that CSS to render the message.

Capt. Hajo has a much more effective solution: Relegate all HTML-formatted mail to the spam folder.


Two possible alternatives:

1. Hit command-ä (on a German keyboard that is ... ;-) to switch to plain text alternative solving the problem temporarily.

2. Force to show you the plain text alternative by default in the first place.

Christian Bogen, 2004-11-19

I like Capt. Hajo's solution!

Colin Williams, 2004-11-19

is it possible, that everything now is *much* slower? Or am I plainly experiencing some strange Einstein-Podolsky fallout?

Armin Roth, 2004-11-21

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