Apple's flock worships new store

by Volker Weber

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The BBC reports there were emotional scenes at the opening of the Apple store in London on Saturday:

Shop openings this side of the Atlantic traditionally consist of some feeble ribbon-cutting, a few pictures for the local newspaper, and maybe even a free goody bag for the first lucky customer to pass the threshold.

But in the world of Apple it was always going to be so much more. Because judging by those queuing up for the opening of Europe's first Apple store in London on Saturday, their customers are not just buyers, they are believers. Some had waited 25 hours or more in bitterly cold temperatures to be at the front of the queue. By 11 in the morning - one hour after opening - police were estimating 5,000 had turned up.

Moments later the final countdown begins and Matt joins the first wave to flood into the store. A guard of honour, dressed in black T-shirts, meets the faithful as their big moment finally arrives. Store manager John O'Grady shouts above the din to declare the store officially open. He later says he was "welling up" with the emotion of it all.

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