Travel ahead

by Volker Weber

Tuesday I shall be attending the Microsoft Architects Forum in Mainz. This is the first event of its kind here, and I am looking forward to find out how well this works out. The event is fully booked, so you cannot attend if you do not already have a ticket.

In the evening I will relocate to Mannheim for the 21. DNUG Konferenz. For those of you who have user group meetings with a few dozen people attending, this would be quite a change. DNUG usually draws a crowd of 500 participants and more. Sadly I will be missing the keynotes of Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck, member of the IBM Academy of Technology and David Marshak of the Patricia Seybold Group. At least I am not missing the party that night at the Dorint Kongress Hotel. :-)

On Wednesday I shall be chairing the panel discussion on e-mail policy before Erik Schwalb's closing keynote session on the future of Notes/Domino and Lotus Workplace, which I hope is not a rerun of Uffe Sorensen's opening keynote. Ed, you can relate, can't you?

See you at either of the events. Take this opportunity to talk to me if you see me. I go there for the people, not only for the sessions.


You might be a little surprised about the closing keynote. Sorry you'll miss David Marshak... Felix tells me that his presentation will be a good one.

(Oh, and you have a broken link for the MS Architects Forum -- how fitting :D)

Ed Brill, 2004-11-22

Thanks. Fixed the link.

Volker Weber, 2004-11-22

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