Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

by Volker Weber

I knew that Lotus Discovery Server, the artist formerly known as Raven, wasn't going anywhere, but I have missed the official software withdrawal notice:

Effective September 13, 2004, IBM discontinued sales of IBM Lotus Discovery Server products. On or after that date, you can no longer obtain licenses for these withdrawn products directly from IBM. They may be obtained on an as-available basis through IBM authorized remarketers. IBM will continue to provide technical support for Lotus Discovery Server products licensed under the IBM IPLA until September 30, 2005.

[Tip of hat to E.A.P.]


Great subject line, Volker! Wish I had thought of it.


Richard Schwartz, 2004-11-22

You will Richard, you will ;-)

(oblique Oscar Wilde reference)

Chris Linfoot, 2004-11-22

Another product ahead of it's time. When someone makes a success of this in the future, people will hark on about how Lotus used to do this blah blah. Whilst customers appreciated the concept the implementation was harder than they would have liked. Still Raven got me about 350,000 frequent flyer miles so i can't really complain :-)

Interesting how a company like Autonomy can make a success from this, but IBM can't

Carl Tyler, 2004-11-22


I agree. I posted on this a while ago when I heard the news. I really enjoyed this product and will be sorry to see it go. My two cents is that it came out just when the bubble burst and budgets were slashed. It wasn't a cheap product but worked a treat. I was still demoing this a few months ago to customers! That being said, apparently there is a replacement.
"IBM DB2 Information Integrator OmniFind Edition is IBM's new enterprise full-text search engine, providing enterprise search middleware for powering intranets, extranets, and corporate public Web sites. It delivers a high-quality, scalable and secure enterprise search capability that finds the most relevant enterprise data for your employees, partners and customers."

Paul Mooney, 2004-11-22

You have probably seen this before, still it make me smile...


Gabor Jasko, 2004-11-23

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