Has anybody seen the Workplace client?

by Volker Weber

IBM keeps telling us how we can use Workplace offline with the WCT (Workplace Client Technology). However I have yet to meet a single person who has obtained this client from IBM and deployed it. So here is my question: Have you succeeded (or failed) in obtaining this client from IBM and if you have it, do you have it deployed?


We have not seen it, but hopefully will on Tuesday @ the Workplace Training:

Tag 2 9:00-17:00
16:00 - 16:45 Rich Client
16:45 - 17:00 Rich Client Lab

I am realy curious...

Alexander Kluge, 2004-11-25

I have used the WCT during a workplace workshop at the the IBM Innovation Center in Stuttgart in september. You have to contact your ibm sales rep to get the additional installation cd's ;-)

Thomas Radigewski, 2004-11-25

Nearly saw it at the Workplace 2 dev workshop in Hursley... ;o)

The client download link on the Workplace installation we had was largely disabled, in that all you got was the base IBM-branded Eclipse RCP framework. What we did see was rather nice from a UI point of view.

As one would expect, the managed client is a big ole’ download, so I can’t imagine IBM will be recommending that organisations roll out the core client by way of a link on a deployed Workplace site.

Ben Poole, 2004-11-25

Let me qualify the question: I am not asking whether IBM has demonstrated the code. What I am asking for is if anybody actually has the code to deploy the client from their own server.

You have to contact your ibm sales rep to get the additional installation cd's

If you have done that, have you actually received the CDs?

Volker Weber, 2004-11-25

Hi Volker,

Im working at IBM and i have not seen the client yet, but a college of mine is on of the specialists for it.

If you are interested send me a mail and i will ask him if I can give you his contact details.

Grüße aus Frankfurt

Hanspeter Jochmann, 2004-11-25

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