Doing business in Europe?

by Volker Weber


I had originally dismissed the idea of joining one of the social networks. After all I am not that hard to find. :-) But I can make up my mind. So I joined openBC (open Business Club) yesterday and have acquired quite a contact list in less than 24 hours. The value of a network grows exponentially with 2^n. So, come on in.

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Funny, that there are others whose real name is "Vowe", and that are listed below you in the search results ;-)


Moritz Petersen, 2004-11-26

Well yes Volker, you live in a rarified atmosphere of fame and renown!

I have a total of 37 page hits in my first 24 hours, most of which were me....

Nick Daisley, 2004-11-26

Nick, simply link in and that might change.

Volker Weber, 2004-11-26

good to see that you extend the network to overseas. until yet openbc is dominated by germans. so with your help we can change it.


Alexander Kluge, 2004-11-26

"originally dismissed"? That is a mild understatement!


Mitch Wolfson, 2004-11-26

I'm in, though I'll reserve judgement on the utility of the network. I've been on for a while, which is mostly state-side, and not seen a lot of activity out of it. Perhaps because I'm easy to find? :)

Ed Brill, 2004-11-26

Count me in... we'll see what develops.

Link up with me..

Martin Forisch, 2004-11-27

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