Gapingvoid: Why I prefer Windows to Macintosh

by Volker Weber

Good flame bait:

Metaphorically, Apple wears its label on the outside. And it appeals to people who do likewise.

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Well, as a flame bait it might indeed be good, but IMHO there's nothing more to it. It's what flame baits are all about and it's what you'd expect from someone working in advertising: A lot of hot air ...! =;-)

Christian Bogen, 2004-11-29

Great -- can I use it in the forum next time they'll report on a Mac topic? ;-)

Joerg Richter, 2004-11-29

Down the years we've all read a lot of these kind of postings - this one differs in being archly funny, and deeply true on some points.

Especially no.7 - that one made me wince, frankly.

[posted from a long-suffering B&W G3]

Nick Daisley, 2004-11-29

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