The real reasons behind the Iraq invasion ?

by Volker Weber

The Australian has an interesting story on the real reasons behind Iraq invasion:

Why are we in Iraq? It is not, as some ranters claim, because George Bush is stupid and bloodthirsty and John Howard a spineless crawler. Nor is it because the US has regressed to Wilsonian imperialism.

For those seriously interested in the question I recommend a seriously interesting new book, America's Secret War by George Friedman. Friedman is founder of Stratfor, a private, subscription-financed global intelligence service, which I find consistently well-informed. Friedman writes of the struggle in Iraq in relentlessly Realpolitik terms.

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The article sounds very much like the US is only reacting to a treu global threat. Looked at it from suffciently high above it might be blur enough to justify this analysis. So it would be a case of "Zauberlehrling" (The magigcan's apprentice) where the forces unleashed can't be controlled any more.
However how does the behavior on the ground fit in? Stuff like taking away the right for farmers to use their own crop (making them by from Monsanto) or the poor security record (the British seem to do better)...

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Stephan H. Wissel, 2004-11-30

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