CleverCactus folding

by Volker Weber

Diego Doval, developer of CleverCactus reports that the company is running out of money:

For the last couple of months (and according to our plan) we have been looking for funding. Sadly, we haven't been able to get it.

CleverCactus Share is a P2P file sharing application, that works very well with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. I hope that Diego can pull together a final version and release it. There also needs to be a central service that lets users find each other behind NAT routers. We cannot count on the sustained availability of this service when the company goes belly-up.

Diego has pulled off this tool all by himself. He deserves a new interesting project. If you have anything interesting coming up, drop him a note.


This is an excellent project, and I speak as someone who is trying to sell Groove to the world - this guy was turning into a competitor!

It does beg the question; how realistic is it in this day and age, for talented developers to give their product away for free, to any class of users? Free support for non-profits and education is a luxury you can maybe allow yourself when you are successful and the product is already widely disseminated - it is a dangerous route to take while you are trying to keep your head above water.

And don't I know it....

Nick Daisley, 2004-11-30

Volker, thanks for the post and the thoughts.

Nick: thanks as well, and definitely 'free/not free' is an issue. But it's not an obvious decision when what's in the balance is also initial acceptance by users, payment systems that can work globally, limited bugdets for approaching certain markets, etc. I hope to write about this next week or so though, because it's an interesting topic.

Diego Doval, 2004-12-01

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