No. 5 lives

by Volker Weber



grosses kino. herrlich.

Jim Basman, 2004-12-01

Isn't she lovely? Don't really care about the perfume she wears... She is one of the most lovely ladies on this planet!

Ben Dubuc, 2004-12-01

Would be interesting to know how much the advert cost. Must have been expensive, but then again that matches the cost of the scent...

Kitty Fothringham, 2004-12-01

I heard it made the Guinness Book of records for the most expensive short film made.

Her fee alone was already 2 million euro... the final figure is somewhere on the web.

Alex Boschmans, 2004-12-02

I thought her fee was what made the book as best paid actress (around 700.000 Euro/minute) ...

Jef Reynders, 2004-12-02

Even before the credits, it was obvious that this was Baz Luhrman work... because the commerical has thematic elements borrowed from the movie Moulin Rouge (which Kidman also starred in). It's one of my favorite movies, which I realize is a bit strange.
Anyway, what was Mr. Cruise thinking?

Ed Brill, 2004-12-02

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