by Volker Weber

Wolfgang found this interesting piece in an IBM readme file:

Extended Search is an IBM product, developed and maintained through the Lotus brand. You might see references to Domino(TM) Extended Search, DES, Extended Search, ES, IBM Extended Search, and IBM Lotus Extended Search in the product interfaces and documentation. These terms all refer to the same product.

The IBM Enterprise Information Portal product was renamed to IBM DB2(R) Information Integrator for Content. You might see references to Enterprise Information Portal, EIP, Information Integrator for Content, and DB2 Information Integrator for Content in the product interfaces and documentation. These terms all refer to the same product.

My theory is that these products get rebranded each and every time someone buys a company-wide license. Or once a year. Whatever happens first.


So an IBM ASP = All the Same Product?

Karen Hobert, 2004-12-01

Maybe they keep on rebranding them *until* s/o finally orders a license ... accidentially?

Btw: Their branding - it's as if these marketing guys were playing Scrabble and cheating like hell :-)

Wolfgang Flamme, 2004-12-02

And then they are surprised at IBM again that the product does not
sell itself. They have forgotten to count the sales under the 12 other
product names.

Torsten Michlick, 2004-12-02

Time for IBM to launch the B-Ark! But please aim it on China!

Martin Schroers, 2004-12-02

But then who will sanitize our telephones?

Stan Rogers, 2004-12-02

Amazing. I think the group at IBM that is responsible for the continuous renaming mess should “eat their own dog food”:

Every 6 months or so each employee in the group should draw a new random identity from a hat. Whatever name is selected, that employee is has that identity until the next draw: name, title, phone number, company ID, credit cards, email address, frequent flyer numbers, everything. Also, the name of the group should change at the same time, with one word added to the new group name each time around.

Explain to them that this is just like their product philosophy; it enhances their image and keeps their identity fresh in the marketplace….And hopefully keeps them too busy trying to identify and find each other to mess up product identities the same way.

Brian Benz, 2004-12-02

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