Shortest software test ever, the aftermath

by Volker Weber

Received two calls from the makers of the software, who seemed to be quite disturbed by the fact that I had a) trouble with the software and b) wrote about it. So let me clarify, that it hangs my server and not necessarily anybody else's. Apperantly the software is running at client sites without problems. My setup is not very typical for a Domino server. I pull mail from other POP servers and feed them into the SMTP router. On Linux you would do this with fetchmail.

I can nail pretty much any problem that Domino throws at me, but not an unresponsive server. In an attempt to narrow down the source of the problem I actually installed it once more and it looks like it is not hanging the router but rather nserver. The extension hooks into nhttp, the router and nserver. I am a bit curious whether it would actually make any sense for me to test the software, since I do not access my server via HTTP or NRPC on a regular basis but rather use IMAP. Yes, I use Domino as a mail server. So I might as well use a different engine. But the ROI of a migration is pretty bad. ;-)

Removed the software and everything is back to normal.


What tool do you use to pull the POP boxes?
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2004-12-03

Has been discussed before.

Volker Weber, 2004-12-03

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