New Skype for Mac OS X beta

by Volker Weber

Beta has been released today. Thanks for all the hints. ;-) Sascha tells me there is also a new PocketPC version.

Go get it >


Sehr interessant finde ich auch diese Ankündigung:

Es wird als hoffentlich in absehbarer Zeit Telefone geben, die die Software integriert haben und sich am WLAN-Router anmelden. Wenn das dann noch DECT/Skype-Kombimodelle sind, haben Sie ihren ersten Kunden!

Thomas Nowak, 2004-12-09

The question is does it have a pop-up dialpad like the Windows version that's necessary for responding to the prompt, "If you know your party's extension please dial it now."?

Dave Oeskovic, 2004-12-10

Is it really necessary? You can't punch the numbers on your keyboard?

Volker Weber, 2004-12-10

That doesn't work once you are in the call. At least not on the version I have as I frantically found out while trying to access by "Banking by Phone" account.

Dave Oeskovic, 2004-12-14

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