I 've got mail

by Volker Weber


Just received in the mail: Klassik Lounge Werk 2. Disk 1 now playing on the stereo. iTunes is reading disk 2. Thanks, Heiko. So far I am loving it!


Looks interesting, especially the design. Is there a way to listen it online somewhere? Haven´t found a link.

Adalbert Duda, 2004-12-09

Not yet. Heiko want to put up a stream, but that is not yet available. Klassik Radio hat einen Stream, wo Du spätabends hören kannst, was DJ Jondal so auflegt. Sehr hörenswert.

In Deutschland geht's auch über Radio und in Europa über Satellit:

via satellit sind wir analog, europaweit über astra 1F transponder 5, downlink 11,273 GHz (vox, hor., audio: 7,74/7,92, tonunterträger von vox)

Volker Weber, 2004-12-10

I'll post the streaming link as soon as its installed. In the meantime listen to the radio show "Klassik Lounge" (mo-sa 10p.m. till midnight)on http://www.klassikradio.de . Click "live" and choose a player.
If you like the design you will love the music ;-)


Heiko Müller, 2004-12-10

The stream links will be available this Saturday. We'll keep you posted.



Hanno Mueller, 2004-12-10

guckst du !

Alex Schäfer, 2004-12-15

pre-listening stream available, finally ;-)

Hope you'll enjoy it.


Heiko Müller, 2004-12-21

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