Google opens new round of ego surfing

by Volker Weber


Try "Bruce Elg" or "Rocky Ol" ;-)


Oh, yeah? Try "Stan Rog".

Okay, to be fair, the vast majority of the results will lead to documents referring to the late Stanley Allison Rogers, a Canadian folksinger of some note (and deservedly so). Not only are their sites dedicated to him, he is mentioned in reminiscences, either as a person or as the singer of a particularly significant song, by a nearly-obscene number of people. If you've never heard him, he's definitely worth a listen.

Stan Rogers, 2004-12-10

That's compared to

23,800 for boaster
67,800 for braggart


5,540,000 for show-off.

Axel Nastansky, 2004-12-10

Stan, somebody suggested that your name would be a handle, since it is so well known.

Axel: :-) We are not counting hits. This is a new service that suggests your search term. If we were counting hits, smaller numbers would probably be better. Weber is a very common name, and there are quite a few Volker Webers.

Volker Weber, 2004-12-10

Pah, I only have to type as far as armin g. Beat that ;-)

Armin Grewe, 2004-12-10

Nope -- I was born Stanley Lewis Rogers, son of Stanley Frank Rogers. To my knowledge, there has not been (since sometime in the sixteenth century) a completely Stan-free generation in my family. I have no idea who the first Stan Rogers was, but he must have had quite an effect on the people around him.

Stan Rogers, 2004-12-10

Armin G, how about "Ali G"? ROFLMAO

Volker Weber, 2004-12-10

Stan, it was not me who suggested that. But now we have the official word.

Volker Weber, 2004-12-10

I'm sure this is the CIA's latest trick ... did anybody try Osam... ;-)

Stefan Heinz, 2004-12-10

Although I'm sooo proud to be the only Gerd Riesselmann on the google net (except this long time gone guy from Spielmannszug Lohne), this time it doesn't pay. Google Suggest Beta just offers "Gerd Risk Factor".

OK, I *am* dangerous - but I also have feelings. And I am deeply hurt now. :-(

Gerd Riesselmann, 2004-12-10

Wow, Alexander Klu with 126.000 results! Is there any other Alexander Kluge out there? Can´t remember, so it must be me ;-)

Alexander Kluge, 2004-12-10

mmh, I have to work on my (.de is better) ranking ;-)

Stefan Funke, 2004-12-11

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