Supersize me

by Volker Weber


boingboing's Mark Frauenfelder reports:

This is a photo from a Chinese PDF manual. The manual explains, via text and a lot of fun photos, how to cram as much food as possible on one of those tiny Pizza Hut bowls at the salad bar. They're only allowed one trip. My cousin lives in Beijing. When he goes to Pizza Hut, he says this is what most people are busy building.

This reminds me of a trip to Pizza Hut in Kalamazoo with my girlfriend more than 20 years ago. We both bought a trip to the salad bar, and I had returned to the table with only a little bit of salad on the plate, while she had really crammed as much salad in the bowl as she could, assuming you only have one trip as it was custom in the Swiss Mövenpick chain. When she asked whether I did not want any more salad and why I had wasted the money on the salad bar instead of a side salat, I told her it is an all-you-can-eat offer and you take as many trips to the bar as you like. She then realized why everybody was watching her in disbelief. Never seen her redfaced like that again. ;-)



That's a little artwork there :o) Are there championships already? ;)

[A steak house here has all you can eat and one time for a little difference - because I am not good at building I always choose to take the 'all you can eat' one ;o)]

Nicole Simon, 2004-12-11

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