David Marshak to join IBM

by Volker Weber

I was just chatting with David S. Marshak, Senior Vice President Patricia Seybold Group and he said it's OK to let people know:

After 18 years I am leaving Patricia Seybold Group. In January I will be joining IBM/Lotus managing the real-time collaboration products.

Interesting change. This Lotusphere he will officially be "on the other side". :-)


What a great time to start a new job. Just in time for Lotussphere ,-) And he probably won't even have to discuss it with his boss.

Joerg Michael, 2004-12-15

Dave, saw you in the movie Ski School. Good times. "To be the best, you must lose your mind." My ski team still quotes lines from the movie. PQSkiTeam.com

Jonathan Sheldon, 2004-12-16

At the last DNUG conference David focused in his key note on contextual real time communication. He outlined a clear vision how contextual real time would have to develop.

Uffe Soerensen, Lotus Technology Group Executive, listened closely and discussed real time communication with David in the following podium discussion.

I wonder what they talked about after the podium discussion :-)

Felix Binsack, 2004-12-16

I have worked with David on several papers over the years. We have also developed a nice friendship as well. David is a good egg.

Bruce Elgort, 2004-12-17

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