by Volker Weber

Beachfront, Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island


I'm sure you'll love it!

Scott Hanson, 2004-12-18


Bob Balaban, 2004-12-19

You bet!

Volker Weber, 2004-12-19

Anna Maria Island is really relaxing - but I like Captiva and Sanibel Islands more ... ;)

Jim Basman, 2004-12-19

Sounds nice to me.... Saw a Ford Thunderbird convertible at Hertz yesterday, perhaps you will find a nice one to rent for '05.

Ed Brill, 2004-12-19

.... and yes, you can have a hamburger there as well :-) enjoy! I´m off to Jordan and UAE from 12/26 thru 01/10....Need some sun as well. Have a nice trip & stay!

Armin Roth, 2004-12-20

Anna Maria Island is great. We went there in October for a wedding and stayed several extra days. It was really nice and not really commercial and full of mega-resorts, like a lot of Florida can be.


Scott Roberson, 2004-12-20

@Jim: Hurricane Charley pretty much wiped out Sanibel and Captiva. All of those wonderful Australian pine trees are now gone and will not be replanted as they are now "hurricane unfriendly" (or whatever the term is).

Gregg Eldred, 2004-12-21

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