Trillian 3 is out

by Volker Weber

Both the (free) Basic and the Pro version connect to AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo. The Pro version adds video chat, Jabber, Groupwise messaging and serverless Rendezvous messaging.

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From the FAQ:

Q: Is there Mac or Linux support?
A: No.

From the feature set, it sounds just like any of the other (free) libgaim based clients, or did I miss something?


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-12-19

Readers of use Windows (78%), Mac (18%) and Linux (4%). We can have some Windows only content. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2004-12-19

The video chat support of Trillian is very good. This is may number one choice for my PC friends to chat with! Using iChat AV and Trillian works just great, much better quality than using AIM on the PC side (Trillian is using Quicktime codecs *grin*). Even having full screen support and an iChat AV skin is also available ;-)

Andreas Linde, 2004-12-19

Have you found an IM client for Palm that will connect directly to SameTime, yet?

I tried Causerie, however, I have some security concerns. I'm looking for a direct connect IM client for Palm.

I enjoy your blog,


Eric Mack, 2004-12-20

I have some difficulties getting my Pro license to be accepted in the new version 3. I received my Pro license due to the policy that donators who donated before the 1.0 version was released and who donated more than $10 received a lifetime license for the Pro version. This seems to have slipped through when migrating the license DB. I receive an error message telling me my license would be expired. Emailed the tech support (which until now has been VERY cooperative) and wait for office time in the U.S. to begin. They are located in Conneticut, so a couple of hours behind us.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-12-20

Well, receiving an email from Ceruleanstudios' support, I figured it out. The license that you can purchase for $25 is a full license to version 3.0, not expiring at any time, including all patches to be relased for version 3.0. Also including a free upgrade for any new versions (e.g. 4.0) of Trillian if released within a year of your purchase. That is what they call "extending a membership". You can buy the same (never expiring) license for Trillian 3.0 for $5 as well, then the time frame for free upgrades is 1/5 of a year.
To me, that's simply bad choice of words in their marketing department. A membership sounds like something I need to run the tool, an extension for a membership to me sounds like I need to have a membership to be extended.

Here's my suggestion: Call it a regular license for the current version. Period. Also market that included in the license fee of $5 is an upgrade warranty for 1/5 of a year, which can be extended to a full year leading to a license fee of $25.
In analogy to the Alex warning, this might be termed an "Alex warranty".

I personally think $5 for a new version of Trillian Pro is not too bad, I don't know when 4.0 will be out, so I can live with 1/5 of a year of Alex warranty. After all, the guys over at Ceruleanstudios are doing a good job (IMHO) and they need to live off something as well.

I bought a $5 license this morning and am happy with that so far.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-12-21

so where do i go to get the ichat skin for 3pro i can only seem to find earlier versions

michael kissee, 2005-02-19

HEY CHECK IT OUT me and the guy above me have the same name

thats pretty cool hahaha

i didnt know there were other kissee's out there

Michael Kissee, 2007-06-12

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