Phuket Tsunami Pictures

by Volker Weber

Photo: Hellmut Issels


Yes it's a tragedy. More than 40'000 people reportedly killed so far, many more thousands disappeared in a few seconds, hundreds of European tourists drawned as well, however, sad as it is, it wan't change much of our lives here in Europe...

What may affect our future is a lot less spectacular but much closer.

Such is the power of media...

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2004-12-28

I do not like this kind of journalismn on your web site !

This guy is fighting for his life. We do not know if he is already dead or still alive now.

Olaf Boerner

Olaf Boerner, 2004-12-29

We do know.

Just a few seconds after I took this picture he was pulled up out of the water by a man from a porch. Thank God.— Hellmut Issels

Volker Weber, 2004-12-29

I am not from Germany; I just found this website by google. Unfortunately, I heard from the posts from Helmut Issels's page that the guy could not make it according to several international news agencies. I am not sure about the reliability of the news.

Leo Cheung, 2004-12-29

Read Hellmut Issels' statement on his page. He was there. His words are pretty clear.

Volker Weber, 2004-12-29

WHY IS NO ONE HELPING THIS MAN!! There he is fighting for his life and someones there, Say cheese for the camera! I would have a fit if someone were taking my pictures instead of giving me a hand! Tell me would you feel guilty if you didn't get the shot before he was swept off or didn't save his life before you got the shot! The world has become hallow. HAVE WE NO SHAME displaying this mans picture for every idiot and fool to see! I find my head sore from shaking.

Briana Hallie, 2004-12-30

From an amateur photograhers' standpoint, good photo. But usually when I take photos, it's for pleasure and comfort. Can't imagine standing there taking a picture of a potentially drowning man when someone else had to save him.


There have been millions of pictures taken by photographers that cannot help what they see. By being offended by this picture you being closed minded and ignorant, look at most of the pulitzer prize winning pictures throughout the centuries, many of them are worse than this, yet none of those photographers helped their subjects. Try not to be ignorant, pictures are to cause emotion and get a point across.

derek gardner, 2004-12-30

I understand - you are there, putting your own life at risk. Have an important job to do. If it wasn't for the media and technology people will never know what is going on in the world. Show us some more pictures. Clearly this cannot be the only picture that you took. In addition to that - this was a natural disaster. When a war monger kills a few 100 000 people in this day and age - the world don't wink an eyelid. Here we have one man fighting for his life and everyone is like - dude why did you take the photo and not help the man ! The world is a crazy place, I tell you.

Mierwhaan Manan, 2004-12-30

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Volker Weber, 2004-12-30

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