Microsoft continues to buy senior talent

by Volker Weber

I clearly saw a pattern at Microsoft Architects Forum last month. There were a whole lot of senior people who previously worked for competitors. Microsoft seems to be buying a lot of senior talent to push their products into the local markets. This is the latest case:

Microsoft continued to demonstrate its dedication to small and midmarket solutions and partners (SMS&P) in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region today, announcing the hiring of Ralph Haupter as the new senior director of EMEA partner strategy and sales, a newly created position.

As senior director of EMEA partner strategy and sales, Haupter will be responsible for further developing the overall SMS&P partner strategy across the region beginning in the new year. He joins Microsoft as a 12-year veteran of IBM where he was recently accountable for all software channel sales across EMEA, overseeing a staff of approximately 500.

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