Note to self: It isn't always the cable

by Volker Weber

If the print server does not accept any print jobs, it isn't necessarily the cable, the network, or the configuration. Even resetting the print server does not always help. However, stacking paper in the paper tray might be a good start.


If that doesn't help, there is sometimes a switch labelled "power" which needs to be set to the "on" position.

HTH ;-)

Chris Linfoot, 2005-01-04

Or select the correct paper tray if there are more than one (that's somehow a derived out of paper problem ;-))

Sven Semel, 2005-01-04

PEBKAC : Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.

Alex Boschmans, 2005-01-04

Har har.

A favourite April 1st joke is to print out "You've been HACKED" and then put the paper back into the tray on a shared printer..

---* Bill

Wild BIll, 2005-01-04

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