Moving folders and documents

by Volker Weber

Bruce has an interesting question:

Lotus Notes user A leaves the company.

Lotus Notes user B wants certain folders and the associated folder hierarchies from User's A email placed into their mail database.

Any suggestions?


Well, I think here are two issues to fight with:
1) FolderReferences: Notes/Domino doesn't store the folders in the documents. Details see 'FolderReferences' in the help (and the solution below regarding not activated folderrefs)
2) The emails could be encrypted, so even if you copy the emails from db 1 to db 2, you have to make sure that user of db 2 can read these docs.

a) See technote #1110903 in IBM knowledge base ("How to Copy All Documents and Folders from One Mail Database to Another Using LotusScript").
b) in the German Notes-forum they've published a BestPractices - article regarding FolderReferences:
Folder References - In welchem Ordner ist das jeweilige Dokument?
c) again How to decrypt emails incl. attachments: [Tipp] Mails inkl. Anhänge entschlüsseln

Michael Woehrer, 2005-01-05

A simple but sometimes effective way is to configure the Mail DB of user A to archive to the mail file of user B (just on the client), and then perform the archiving.
The archive function doesn't have to delete the originals (but it can), and it doesn't solve the encryption problem since the documents are simply copied.
But a lot of thinking is in there for moving the folder structures, and copying documents only once.
One small issue... the target DB will be flagged to be an "archive db" after that.

Volker Jürgensen, 2005-01-05

Yepp, archiving solves that issue. But remember to customize database B's ACL first. After moving (deletion from mail database A may be switched off) all documents in these "certain folders" the archive flag in database B should be removed!

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2005-01-05

>One small issue... the target DB will be flagged to be an "archive db" after that.

What does that mean? How is an archive database identified? I ask because our 6.5.2 server has started archiving from archive databases and I imagine an archive flag would prevent it from doing that.


David, 2005-01-05

Not sure, if the solution to use the mail file of B as an archive for mail file A works as I remember there is a link between mail file and mail file archive by replication ID (introduced in 6.x). Please correct me.....

Thomas Günter, 2005-01-10

Old archive pages

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