by Volker Weber


[Thanks, Rocky]


I do not understand the French love for slapstick. How the same people who have such a love for fine art, who are so expressive in their language and style, can be into things like this.....

Ah well.

Andrew Pollack, 2005-01-12

Well, this guy is in fact from Quebec, Canada. He used to be part of a comic duo called "les fou bracs" (could be translated by the f** crazy guys). They did all sorts or weird numbers like that including: using trmaploines to change pants within 2 seconds, getting in a giant ballon (he was inside the ballon!),playing Mozart's songs with a bicycle pump ...

The duo dissolved a long time ago. I guess their kind of humor didn't please everybody.


Ben Dubuc, 2005-01-12

@Ben - what's his name?

Rocky Oliver, 2005-01-12

Long time reader, first time poster - thank you Vowe, this delightfull silliness has absolutely made my day!

As an aside, wouldn't it be amusing if this guy opened LotusSphere to show that IBM has a sense of humour and isn't limited to a serious Patrick Stewart quoting the St Crispins day speech...

Daniel Wright, 2005-01-12

I know it's a bit late, but his name is Michel Lauziere.

I am writing a blog about the Blue Man Group (that I rediscoverd thanks to Vowe) and they so remind me of the "Fou bracs"... I came across this post while digging some info on the guys...

(shy smiley goes here)

Ben Dubuc, 2007-04-25

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