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by Volker Weber

Google supports a new link attribute rel="nofollow", as reported in many blogs, that is set to remove the incentive to spam comments, trackbacks and referrers. Currently I am not publishing referrers or trackbacks. Comments are protected by the CAPTCHA controller, so I currently see no incentive to downgrade the links that are included in your comments. So, if you are adding a URL with your comment, or if you add a proper href within your comment, I will continue to link to it without this new attribute. Links are an important part of the blogsphere and I value them a lot.


ACK, I think it's not my job to tell google what kind of links it should and which it shouldn't use to calculate rankings. If someone thinks it's worth to post a link to a site I want it to be counted and or (maybe) rated by other sites. I will take care that there is no spam in my blog and google should trust or leave me. (just my 0.02 EUROcents)

Stefan Funke, 2005-01-20

Volker, what is your take on the accessibility issues with CAPTCHA? (Note that I use them myself, but always with a bad feeling).

Stefan Tilkov, 2005-01-21

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