The tough life of sysadmins or practical application of prayers in IT

by Volker Weber

Manager's log:

Computer does not work, I've called our sysadmin. Admin comes, raises his hands to the sky, chantes something inelligible, turns my chair clockwise 10 times, kicks the computer and it starts to work. Admin raises his hands to the sky, chants something again and leaves.

Admin's log:

Coming to the user, the guy tangled the power cord around his chair. Quietly whisper to myself what I think about him, untangle the cord, kick the computer behind the desk so that it will not happen again, turn it on, leave.

[Thanks, Wolfgang]


Hail thee, my Lord,
fix this damn guy's power cord;
let wisdom and phantasy come to his mind,
make him fix such shit on his tod;
protect my switches and hubs,
and also my big coffee cups;
let always flow the caffeine,
to help me get over this pain.

Well, maybe I could have done better ;)

Sascha Carlin, 2005-01-20

I had that call once when I worked in ops years ago.

CEO's secretary - "My screen's gone black."

On checking, she had crossed her legs under the table and in doing so kicked the power cord out of back of the monitor. I plugged it back in and was immediately pronounced a hero for having "saved all her work".

Users. Can't live with 'em...

Chris Linfoot, 2005-01-20

- "My monitor does not work!"
- "Did you switch it on?"
- "Sure I did!"
- "Switch it off."
- "Oh, now it works!"

Nico Kaiser, 2005-01-21

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