Checking out the iPod shuffle and the Mac mini

by Volker Weber

Yesterday we were at the Apple Store in Tampa. Again. After only one week. Hey, I like it there and they have free wireless broadband. :-)

We were able to check out the Mac mini and the new iPod shuffle. The shuffle is sold out as they come into the store. They had three on display but none available for purchase. Those on display were connected to Bose headphones and the sound was really good. At least on the level of the 20 gig iPod and certainly better than the iPod mini.

There were also two Mac minis on display, one with 256 meg and the other upgraded to 512. While the 256 meg version was really slow, the 512 felt just right. No surprise: You absofuckingluteley must upgrade the memory. There was one Mac mini available when we went into the store. Just a couple of minutes later it was gone. No, it was not Russell.

If you plan to go to the Apple store at the Millenia Mall to purchase a mini or a shuffle while at Lotusphere give them a call at (407) 352-5551 first. They are probably sold out.


I recently got a 1.33 Ghz 12" Powerbook, 256 MB of RAM. Gift for Christmas from my brother. Nice guy, eh?!!!

Definitely need a memory upgrade. At 256 MB it's nearly unusable, many crashes in Lotus Notes.

Jon Johnston, 2005-01-23

Maybe an alternative to MacMini:
What do you think?

Wilken Hustedt, 2005-01-24

Well, let's see ...
> The OQO has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, a color transflective display, and integrated wireless, as well as Fire Wire and USB ports.

Ok, that's nice. Not exactly matching the Mac mini specs but nice nonetheless.

> It is powerful enough to run your most complex applications.

Sorry, but: *rofl*
And it comes real cheap: only USD 1899.

The OQO is a nice *toy* for people who don't know where to spend their money next. That's hardly the target group of the Mac mini. Because the Mac mini is a toy for people who know what to spend their money for. Others might even use the Mac mini as a personal computer ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2005-01-24

Seriously folks, I was in the new Apple Store at Victoria Gardens and I missed the Mac Minis in the display windows on the way in. They're that small folks. The big displays attached to them probably made them seem like mere mount points. ;-)

Ryan Campbell, 2005-01-24

I went to Millenia Apple Store, they are sold out! All other Apple retailers in the greater Orlando area haven't got any Shuffles yet. In most stores even the iPod 20GB is sold out :)

Claus Bettag, 2005-01-24

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