Notes/Domino 7 beta 3 now available

by Volker Weber

Go get them here >


Still no Mac client -- I'm getting sort of nervous ...

Stefan Tilkov, 2005-01-25

I think the Mac client will not come with the initial 7.0 release. I think 6.5.5 has been promised to be D7 compatible on the Mac while a completely revamped Mac client with integrated Sametime support coming with 7.0.1 or 7.0.2.

Henning Heinz, 2005-01-25

There will be no 7.0 client. It is supposed to be released later in the 7.0.2 time frame, which is at least a year from now. 6.5.something will be supported though.

Volker Weber, 2005-01-25

You beat me by 2 minutes. :-)

Volker Weber, 2005-01-25

I can't donwload neither the Betas nor the versions 1, 2 or 3. Either download page returns an HTTP 500 error (internal server) error. Anyone else experiencing this? I thought by now the big run on the downloads should be over.
Even better: Anyone providing another link (like an unofficial mirror) to either of these files? ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-02-01

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