Lotusphere aftermath

by Volker Weber

We have returned from Lotusphere yesterday. The travel was uneventful, the bird that took us across the pond was running at 30% capacity so we had plenty of room to move around.

Now I need some time to recover from sleep deprivation; I could cut about 5 hours daily out of my schedule to get at least some sleep. As every year, I was unable to meet with everybody that I wanted to and I have also not made it to the Thawte signing party that Rocky had set up in the Swan.

The site has been running smoothly, but that is mostly due to the the maid who has done a wonderful job of keeping the house clean. Thanks a million. If your comment has somehow magically disappeared, I'd suggest you read the FAQ. We also have a new case of The Happy Troll, whose messages will be deleted from now onward. In case he did not get the message I sent him, I shall be blocking the IP range of this ISP.

screenshot_234.pngSpartacus has sorted out 1537 spam messages while I was away. Zero false positives and around 7% false negatives. It is still improving every day. I am impressed.

I have published a few stories about Lotusphere already and now need to write up some more. The comments on heise.de were useless troll postings as ever, but this one stands out. I don't know whether you have noticed but Ambuj Goyal and Mike Rhodin were referring to Sametime and Quickplace in the general opening session, and not their generic IBM-style product names. The workplace offerings are so confusing that even IBM personell had to look at their pedestal signs to tell them apart. There were business partners completely confused about what is contained in Workplace Collaboration Services, Workplace Services Express, and whether the Workplace Messaging and Workplace Team Collaboration offerings were still available or whether their capabilities were included in the new offerings or not. This is a complete mess. Try reading the press announcements.

IBM has demonstrated the Eclipse Notes plugin for Windows and for Linux, and committed to both the Mac client and the plugin to be available in a maintenance release of Notes 7. I fail to see what is missing for a Linux client now the plugin is looking quite good. If you are an IBM customer that wants to deploy a native Notes client, then now is the time to put some weight behind your requests.


Here are two interesting slides from the "STR101: Lotus Notes/Domino Strategy" session:

What about the Mac?

The Path To Workplace

Ken Porter, 2005-01-29

Wäre es nicht langweilig, wenn es eine klare(re) Nomenklatur gäbe und sich nur die Versionsnummern ändern würden ;-)
Spaß beiseite, es stimmt schon, dass die ganze Sache ungemein verwirrend ist/wurde und auch für IBM-Mitarbeiter nur nach X Schulungen oder wenn man im Bereich arbeitet klar wird. Ich bin aber optimistisch, dass sich diese Mode auch wieder legt und das Chaos sich auf eine (relativ) klare Linie beschränkt. Eine Prophezeiung betreffs des Zeitpunktes lass ich mal lieber.

Martin Hiegl, 2005-01-29

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