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by Volker Weber

We're targeting 2006 but that isn't in any sense an exact date.
Bill Gates, referring to the planned availability of Longhornwait

[Thanks, Nick]


Sometimes I really wonder why we all keep making jokes about Bill Gates and M$..
As a matter of fact, Bill has proven to more succesfull in business than anybody else in this field.. may be it's just jealousy?

And BTW, Longhorn is "simply" a new operating system, I am asking myself what makes it so difficult to set goals, and stick to their deathlines?
At this stage, and with the corporate size they have, they should have hired enough many competent professional developers to do it... or is something else?

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2005-01-30

"Deutscher Linux-Verband: Gates lügt"


ingo harpel, 2005-01-31

Avalon (the new screen renderer, including XAML) and Indigo (SOA messaging) seem to work okay (in betas, at least) -- my bet for the holdup is WinFS, which seems (on the surface at least) to allow identically-named files in the same "folders" (which now resemble Notes' idea of folders/views more than the traditional file system directories -- a file can appear in more than one "folder"). There's a lot of database metadata handling required for that, and we've been watching the slip in MS's new database for quite a while now....

Stan Rogers, 2005-01-31

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