Treo 650 GSM goes on sale

by Volker Weber


The Treo 650 for GSM networks goes on sale at the US palmOne Web Store for $599 without a service plan. There is no official date when the device becomes available in European channels but CeBIT is coming up in five weeks and that sounds to me like the perfect launch date. Also notice that palmOne relocated from hall 2 to hall 26 this year, which is a strong indication for a focus on the Treo line. Hall 26 is the home for all the mobile buzz.

Before anyone asks: No, I don't have a 650 yet. :-) But I was able to play with a few of the CDMA models while in the US. I also ran across a palmOne store in Atlanta Hartsfield International (Concourse 1), that had a unit on display. Current verdict: Much improved over the 600, but not to the extent that you need to dump the 600. You know the big new features like 320x320 screen and Bluetooth, but there is also a lot of new stuff in the software.


Hat schonmal jemand was vom Palm QDA 700 gehört ?
Schau ich doch grad beim Palm Händler vorbei und stolpere darüber.

ingo harpel, 2005-02-02

It seems to use the same PalmOS version (5.4) as the T5 does. Since, as far as I understand, this version supports actually mounting the devices via USB, perhaps we'll see native iSync support in Tiger ...? (Here's to wishful thinking! ;-)

Christian Bogen, 2005-02-02

QDA 700

PalmOS-Smartphone Qool QDA-700 in Deutschland zu haben

Kompaktes PalmOS-Smartphone mit SD-Card-Slot und Kamera

Andrea Altefrone, 2005-02-03

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