Photo dump completed

by Volker Weber

Uploaded 50 pictures to a Lotusphere album and also finished uploading the rest of the pictures to the Florida 2005 album.


Out of interest when you take pictures do you tend to take a lot, then get rid of the ones you don't like? Or do all your photos always look great?

Carl Tyler, 2005-02-08

Great photos! So nice to have so many memories of the event shared. Thanks.

Kitty Fothringham, 2005-02-08

I took about 250 pictures in less than 10 minutes on the show floor. You see about 35 of them. Does that answer the question? :-)

Ute has a much better turnover. She took roughly 500 pictures in two weeks. We published around 160 of those and kept another 50 for professional use.

Volker Weber, 2005-02-08

That does answer the question :-) I think I took about 10 for the whole of Lotusphere.

Carl Tyler, 2005-02-08

There is only one way to get a picture of Julian: Hit the release button before you raise the camera. And then adjust and follow the target. I think I had about 25 of him alone and turned out two reasonably good ones. Bill is another matter: He never stands still. :-)

Volker Weber, 2005-02-08

Lol. It's actually a testament to the quality of vowe's new camera that he got a usable picture of me at all. I kept trying to get out of the way.

And Carl, I can tell you that I was with or near vowe a few times in the Product Showcase on the last day, and he did take a huge number of pictures. He was using some kind of burst mode that took rapid-fire shots, so he never took only a single picture of everything. It sounded like all the pictures were in quantities of 5 or more.

Which is a good strategy, actually. I guess you can do that sort of thing with a really nice camera.

- Julian

Julian Robichaux, 2005-02-09

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