Zero spam

by Volker Weber

Just wanted to give you an update on Spartacus, which is filtering my mail and moving spam to a separate folder.

Yesterday I found my first false positive. The first one in one month. Spartacus has sorted out roughly 3000 spam messages in the same time frame, and is now operating close to 100% accuracy. The only unwanted mails I still get are Windows worms as payload of fake nondelivery messages.

If you are looking for an excellent server-based spam filter, look no further than Spartacus. I shall add this to vowe's choice shortly.


I just got my hands on the Sparticus Filter for Domino Server evaluation but haven't done the install yet. One thing I would like to see is it using the ($JunkMail) folder instead of making it's own spammail folder. I think this is the only thing that's putting me off the solution.

The pricing, however, is wonderful..

Declan Lynch, 2005-02-09

I'm running the filter on mym own site for a while now too, and after some initial problems and some very responsive help from the Spartacus developers, I got it finally to run. And boy, now it's running like a roadrunner with close to 100% accuracy!

Initially the filter wouldn't detect ANY spam, so I ended up deleting the .dat files and re-initializing my '($Inbox)' and 'SpamBox' folders (move all mails from these folders to temporary folders and back, this will trigger the Spartacus filter to 'learn' about 'good' and 'bad' emails.) After I did that, it was smooth sailing. Another tidbit: The Filter needs at least 20 'good' emails for calibration before it actually starts filtering.

Re: Declan's suggestion about Spambox vs. ($JunkMail): I requested this (together with more verbose log levels when the filter does/does not classify as spam) with my other feedback back to the Spartacus developers....havn't heard back, but maybe they are already coding away frantically... :-)

Thomas Gumz, 2005-02-09

We use spartacus in the office for a few weeks now and made the same experiances as Volker. I never saw any mail in the spam folder that I see as "good mail". After some days of "training" the sam filter is working perfectly.
What I am missing is that I don't want to see the "new mail" icon in Notes when only spam is recieved. But that propably is inpossible in Notes. However it would help to mark all spam as read autmaticaly.

Wolfgang Schmidetzki, 2005-02-10

Is there also a version for a Domino server on Linux? I can´t find anything regarding this on the homepage.

Detlev Schümann, 2005-02-10

I doubt there's a linux solution of Spartacus. I was searching for that too.

Markus Thielmann, 2005-02-10

Very very effective. And very fast to install. Thx.

Cem Basman, 2005-02-11

has anybody infos about the pricing for a domino server? the website hasn't any infos about this ... neither an evalutation copy. and no feedback yet to my request ...

thanks frank

Frank Mueller, 2005-02-14

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