The Apple Product Cycle

by Volker Weber

This Apple Product Cycle is meant to be a spoof. But I swear, it's all true. Don't miss the fine print at the bottom:

The author has been an Apple user since 1984. ... He currently uses a Dual 2.0GHz PowerMac G5 and a 12" PowerBook G4. In spite of his loyalty to the platform, he finds most "Mac people" to be tiresome and annoying. He is pretty sure that if he had to attend WWDC or Macworld, he would wind up slapping the shit out of a bunch of people. ...

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It´s true, especially the part with "it don´t runs Ogg Vorbis files" :-) The iPod shuffle doesn´t. Who cares!

Adalbert Duda, 2005-02-15

ROTFL! Thanks Volker, it's really funny!! :-D

Christian Bogen, 2005-02-15

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