Update on Wi-Fi and the Treo 650

by Volker Weber

This is now palmOne's official position on this matter:

We are presently evaluating support for the Treo 650 and various add-on Wi-Fi solutions. Due to the complexities of implementing an external Wi-Fi implementation that would work successfully in conjunction with the Treo 650 radio, we cannot provide a definitive delivery date at this time. We want to ensure we have a great customer experience, and we will deliver a product when we can provide that experience.

As I understand the Treo 650 is built by HTC who also make a Windows smartphone with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Somehow this problem has already been solved. Wouldn't it be nice if you stopped evaluating and have an engineer work on a driver for the palmOne card?


Gelesen? GSM Treo 650 has WiFi drivers. You just can’t use them.

Oliver Regelmann, 2005-02-18

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